Ministry of Counseling & enrichment

Do You Accept Insurance?

MOCE files insurance services when applicable.  Most therapists are approved providers for several insurance companies including (but not limited to), Blue Cross/Blue Shield, TriCare, CHIP, and Medicaid

Is This Christian Counseling?

The Ministry of Counseling and Enrichment (MOCE) is a professional Christian counseling center.  Each therapist has varied educational backgrounds and experiences.  The one thing all therapist have in common is a desire to be used by a loving God.  MOCE believes strongly in the importance of psychological, emotional, relational, spiritual, and physical health.  The MOCE also greatly values each client's autonomy. So we encourage you as a client to ask your therapist about his/her approach to integrating Christian principles in counseling.

Our History

In 1977, the First Baptist Church of Abilene commissioned the forming of The                   Ministry of Counseling & Enrichment out of a desire to respond to surging divorce             rates and it's subsequent impact on families.  Since that time, the Ministry of                     Counseling & Enrichment has evolved and grown to offer a wide range of outpatient       mental health and relationship counseling but still focused on sharing the healing             and restoration of our Creator.